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Theory Of Issues To Be Addressed

(1) according to the water treatment plant raw water quality, specific molecular weight distribution of organic matter is the case, determine the addition of powdered activated carbon species.

(2) according to the water quality in practice to determine the reasonable and economical dosage.

(3) according to the existing production technology in water plant, determine appropriate and reasonable methods of dosing and dosing, competing with coagulant to deal with powdered activated carbon adsorption of contradictions and progress of powder activated carbon efficiency.

Under different disposal of powder activated carbon adsorption of organic carbon species can differ (difference in removal rates 16%). The same, based on the characteristics of water technology in water plant, larger differences effect of dosing, if this first because the original characteristics of the water and the consequences of coagulation and adsorption of competition, and dosage identified in the use of project hope value should be based on the purpose (water CODMn) as well as working capital to integrated thinking.

Powdered activated carbon addition as a stopgap approach, in some water plant had won the quiz, but the use of the skill effect appraise watchword. Our studies show: the practice of separate water plant, required better explore the suitable methods of dealing with these three issues; special was developed for different disposal process, proper dosing and dosing is crucial. And in the use of skills, must pay enough attention to, economic and effective way to develop the effect of powdered activated carbon for removing pollution.