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Problems Should Be Dealt With In The Project

(1) use the dust pollution. Water use, because powder activated carbon in many aspects, such as loading and unloading, unpacking, preparation, in the process of adding intensity and easily make up the dust, forming task conditions, operations conflict in a good mood, also restricts use of powdered activated carbon technology a key, essential questions.

(2) preparation and quantitative accuracy in dosing powdered activated carbon problem. As the result of constant decontamination powder activated carbon adsorption, should be limited as far as practicable, ensure that the added measure of accuracy, not only between the results, close related with water costs. Built according to the appropriate parameters of the entire powder activated carbon storage, preparation and dosing device or system must be able to avoid a unstable elements in all aspects, as voted in walks and stroke problems in the process, make the flow instability and affect the results of removing pollutants.

(3) active control of a device or system. To further reduce the intensity of powdered activated carbon dosing equipment operation, how to complete the Automation operation and original water plant automatic control system to match, as well as how to turn active tracking based on water quality adjustment to meet the same effluent quality objectives, key elements of which is restricted by the technology used.

(4) investment, and cost control. The use of powdered activated carbon is the most crucial problem investments and cost control to meet new drinking water standards (first was CODMn<3 mg/l, under extraordinary conditions of not more than 5 mg/l), most of the water Division is facing innovation skills issues. For most water, water pollution is common are continuous or sudden, process in most of the practice time is to meet the new standards, and powdered activated carbon technology applicability is a very powerful technology, their relatively less investment, lower cost, dosage se