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Preparation Of Powder Activated Carbon Method Level Considerations

Preparation method

Physical methods

High quality shell and wood chips as raw material, steam activation, refining, crushing, and appearance of black fine powder, no poison, no smell, and has a large surface area, adsorption capacity.

Chemical method

High quality wood and shell as raw material, zinc chloride and phosphoric acid as an activator, refined by carbonization and activation, and adsorption capacity of finished products is excellent, low content of impurities.

Matters needing attention

1, for the porous adsorbent of activated carbon, so transport storage and use in the process, must absolutely prevent the flooding, due to flooding after, large amounts of water full of activity space, making it ineffective.

2, activated carbon used in the process should be prohibited from tar substance into activated carbon bed to prevent blockage of activated carbon gap, out of its adsorption.

3, when activated carbon in storing or shipping to prevent direct contact with the fire in case of fire.