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Powdered Activated Carbon Applications

Mainly applicable to all kinds of amino acid industry, industrial decolorization of refined sugar, MSG, glucose industries, starch sugar industry, chemical additives, dyes intermediates, food additives, pharmaceutical preparations, such as high-pigment aqueous solution of decolorization, purification, deodorization, cleaning.

Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical decolorization, oral medicine, such as APIs (silicon carbon silver, antidote, colon cleansing agent), industrial chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, bio-technology, a variety of formulations for injection of decolorization, purification and refining. Suitable for medicine industry as antibiotics, and streptomycin, and clean mold pigment, and gentamicin, and penicillin, and chlorine mold pigment, and sulfonic ammonia class, and biological alkali, and hormone class, and bugefen, and bashing hot card pain, and vitamin B1, and vitamin B6, and vitamin c, and methyl nitrate h, and didn't food child acid,, also for b two aldehyde, and benzene parallel three nitrogen h, and methyl fat, and glycerol, fine chemical products of bleaching, and except miscellaneous, and to odor.