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Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered activated carbon injection of carbon with high quality wood and shell as raw materials. Produced by zinc chloride method, have developed in the porous structure, adsorption capacity, fast filtering and other features. Mainly used in injectable form of decolorization, refining and removing "heat". Can also be used for bleaching of vitamin c and other raw materials, apply strong bleaching, filtration rate fast, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, West TC decolorization, refining. And absorb in gut bacteria and detoxification.

Powdered activated carbon for treatment of burst in water odor, industrial pollutants have very good application. When you are using powdered charcoal, must be based on the type and concentration of contaminants removal test, to determine the types of activated carbon and amount of powder required. Before the addition of powdered charcoal, care should be taken before quantitative uniform carbon powder made from carbon-in-pulp to water, longer contact time, apart from pollution the better. Powder carbon using should also pay attention to the following safety issues; when the dust concentration reaches a certain percentage being fire-prone while, operating smoke, sparks, and open flame; with oxidant mix should be avoided due to powder carbon particles as small, light, attention in use of dust pollution, operators shall be equipped with a dust mask, avoid breathing lungs.