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Powdered Activated Carbon

Powdered activated carbon with high quality wood chips, coconut shell, coal as raw material, and is formed by series production finishing. Powdered activated carbon adsorption high filtering speed, performance, the advantages of decoloration and ability is strong, durable, products are widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, water, sugar, oil and other industries, breweries, sewage treatment, power plants, electroplating and other areas are more widely used.

Some carbon species release toxic substances in water, it is mainly used in the water treatment industry of carbon species: wood charcoal, coconut shell, coal quality. Due to different carbon activation process, resulting in surface of the activated carbon element and non-crystalline parts and distribution of various functional groups differ, this direct effect on activated carbon adsorption and surface diffusion of different organic matter. Therefore, powder activated carbon in water treatment has its best application. For different water quality, there can be no single best carbon species, only static choose simulation test on the basis of taking into account the economic factors of the use of powdered activated carbon, carbon species selection.

Powdered activated carbon using separate, recycle, recycling more difficult, usually with water sludge deal.

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