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Iodine Value Judgment

How simple recognition without testing equipment activated carbon adsorption value of it? Here are several easy ways for your reference:

1, looking directly at manufacturer's index

Volume 2, see: to improve the adsorption capacity of activated carbon, only in pore structure of activated carbon manufacturing as much as possible, pore more activated carbon more crispy, relative density, there would be more light, so better activated carbon feels light, and in case of equal weight packaging, better performance than the inferior activated carbon bulk lot of activated carbon.

3, see air bubbles. A handful of active carbon in water, due to the penetration of water, the water will gradually immersed in the pore structure of activated carbon, forcing air out of the pores, resulting in a series of very small bubbles, pulling a line of tiny air bubbles in the water, while a silk bubble sound, very interesting. This phenomenon was more intense, longer duration, better adsorption of activated carbon.

4, see the bleaching abilities. Another expression of activated carbon adsorption capacity is bleaching capacity, activated carbon with colored liquid becomes pale or colorless's magical abilities, this is in fact activated carbon adsorption of color pigment molecules in the liquid causes. Because of this characteristic of activated carbon, is widely applied in the field of the sugar industry in the production of brown sugar, white sugar. Take two transparent glass, in pure water in a Cup, and then drip a drop of red ink (here you can use any kind of observation but does not change the nature of water colors, color such as blue ink, printer ink, the ink cannot be used and the carbon ink), uniform mixing will be half of contrasting colored water into another Cup. The activated carbon into the colored water, half or more of the number should reach the water, this effect is more obvious, standing for 10-20 minutes compared with contrast water, under equal conditions, better description the stronger effect of activated carbon adsorption.