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Transformation and upgrading of coal is the trend

Coal as one of the most important source of energy, is currently and in the future for a long time the most important primary energy, but conventional coal use relatively simple, increasingly stringent State laws and regulations and an increasingly competitive market circumstances, traditional low value-added processing of coal has no longer meet the needs of the times, transformation and upgrading of coal processing is around the corner.

Since 2014, China promulgated a coal resource tax reform policies, national development and Reform Commission also deployed several days ago for coal industry off the hook. But high inventories, low demand situation has not changed, winter still in the coal industry. Data from the China coal industry association showed that coal economic downward trend has continued for 35 months. In this context, many coal companies have sought relief in the winter road.

Coal processing at the present number, such as coal and oil, gas, coal, such as activated carbon, coal processing, can improve resource utilization efficiency. First of all, can achieve substantial processing in value. According to preliminary estimates, coal methanol value added about 4 times, coal and oil to 8-12 value, secondly, improving comprehensive utilization of associated benefits.