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The development trend of coal-based activated carbon

Activity carbon is has huge of than surface area, and excellent of adsorption performance and stable of physico-chemical nature of carbon base adsorption material, so in industrial, and agricultural, and military protection and people daily of many field was widely application Yu bleaching refined, and water treatment, and drinking water depth purification, and gas separation refined, and air purification, and toxic harmful gas removal, and catalyst and catalyst carrier, aspects, and with economic of constantly development and people living of gradually improve, its application field and using volume also will steadily growth.

Theory, most containing carbon material used appropriate of production process are can production activity carbon, but due to coal resources relative rich, source stable reliable, and price low, so to coal as raw materials of activity carbon production technology by people increasingly General of attention, coal business activated carbon technology made has is big development, to prompted coal base activated carbon products performance constantly improve, application field constantly expanded, production also constantly increased, became currently world Shang production and consumption maximum of activity carbon products, About three quarters of world 70% of activated carbon production.

Coal-based activated carbon by carbonization → cool → activate → washing and a series of processes developed by. Its appearance is generally cylindrical shaped activated carbon black, amorphous granular activated carbon coal, also known as broken charcoal. Cylindrical shaped activated carbon also known as the column of carbon, generally composed of powdered materials and binders after kneading, extrusion and then by made of carbonization and activation processes. Powdered activated carbon addition adhesive extrusion may also be used. Have developed pore structure, good adsorption performance, high mechanical strength, easily regenerated, low cost used for toxic gas purification, gas processing, industrial and domestic water purification, solvent recovery, and so on.