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Development of Ningxia coal based activated carbon reference materials in quality hospital

Recently, the message coming from Ningxia Bureau of quality and technical supervision, unit directly under the authority of Ningxia Ningxia QC report science and technology support program, focused on research and development projects--"original size development of coal-based activated carbon reference materials" approved by the Department of science and technology and Ministry of finance in Ningxia, implementation. This was the first provincial research projects, milestone.

Activated carbon inside and outside the subject area industrial development needs, development of standard samples of coal based activated carbon technology research is beneficial to enhancing quality control of coal-based activated carbon, guiding the enterprises to improve production technology, improve efficiency, but also for quality control at all levels institutions, third-party testing organizations, research institutions and enterprises to provide strong technical support.

It is understood that at present there are no coal-based activated carbon reference materials development and production of related reports, the subject will fill the gaps in this field in China.