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Coal-based activated carbon production equipment required

Coal-based activated carbon coal production is mainly raw materials after milling, granulation, carbonization and activation process of manufacturing granular activated carbon. Therefore, Mills became an important production of coal-based activated carbon device. Properties and material properties of coal based activated carbon, Shanghai shibang SCM series Super fine grinding is recommended Shanghai shibang has accumulated many years mill experience on the basis of the adopted Sweden advanced manufacturing technology, and after many years of testing and improvements and the development of a new Superfine powder (325-2500) and processing equipment. It is the crystallization of Sino-Swiss advanced technologies, is the world leading milling machine trend of the latest products.

1, output: unique surface blade design, the material can be oriented facades, the grinding roll and ring upper, middle and lower parts are grinding, uniform wear and tear, but also increases the effective work area, increased its production.

2, good quality: cage-type, leaf disc separator, dual configurations available, unique sealing device, effectively prevent the "coarse powder".

3, high efficiency of powder: isolated cyclone feeder tube isolation structure with mixed gas flow, and can effectively improve the finished product dust collection efficiency and accuracy, to collect micro-particles of the powder collector to collect.

4, intelligent control of electrical system: memory function automatically with the boot time and run time, can realize remote opening, downtime monitor, operating mode memory function, and more convenient.