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Classification of granular activated carbon

Granular activated carbon materials are divided into coconut shell granular activated carbon, granular activated carbon from coal, shell granular activated carbon, etc.

Coconut shell granular activated carbon

Coconut shell, coconut shell granular activated carbon with high quality as raw material, and is formed by series production finishing. Appearance of black, grainy, gaps developed and adsorption properties, high strength, durable and so on.

Products are mainly used for drinking water, purified water, tap water, wine, drink, industrial water purification and decoloring, dechlorination, deodorization, drying agents, catalyst carrier and other aspects.

Shell granule activated carbon

Shell granular activated carbon with peach and apricot fruit shell as raw materials such as shells, made by series production finishing.

Appearance of black, grainy, has developed the gap, good adsorption performance, economy and durability advantages.

Products are mainly used in power plant boiler water, industrial water, domestic water, beverage water and other industrial wastewater purification, refining, bleaching, etc.

Granular activated carbon from coal

Granular activated carbon from coal specifications into particles shaped and unshaped.

Amorphous particles are mainly used for industrial water other kinds of industrial waste water purification, refining, bleaching, can effectively purify sewage and chemical waste water.

Shaped particle products are mainly used in gas treatment, wastewater treatment, desulphurization and denitrification, solvent recovery, nitrogen/air separation plants, spraying workshop.