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As the national economy development of coal activated carbon temporary downturn is only temporary

Activated carbon currently market Shang more refers to coal quality activity carbon, coal quality activated carbon of production more selection quality anthracite for raw materials, used advanced process business have, appearance is black column-like particles, coal quality activated carbon in China of activity carbon industry development history most long, coal quality activated carbon early in 70, 80 o'clock era into China, after 20ji years of development, China in coal quality activated carbon technology Shang has has has significantly of progress, while market Shang also appeared more of activity carbon varieties as: block activity carbon, round activity carbon, powder activity carbon, Irregular active carbon, of course, there are different shapes of activated carbon material is also used by a variety of.

Activated carbon is capital-skill of environmentally friendly products, its production of raw coal is not a recycled capital, and as the industry develops, can be used to produce raw material for activated carbon coal will be less and less, as the industry develops and people's increasing environmental awareness, growing demand for activated carbon, activated carbon product prices would rise over time.

Current because China activated carbon enterprise number more, and planning small, activated carbon product competition severe, thus, formed current China activated carbon product sent sold price partial low, but this is temporary scene, followed China economic order of improved and the activated carbon enterprise planning of extended, activated carbon industry must will out of trough, on An Kangmin exhibition of track; near two years to China activated carbon market of gradually rose, local coal base activated carbon type demand on full stated has this is.