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Application of granular activated carbon

Activated carbon filters work is done through the carbon bed. Components of carbon granular activated carbon is porous and high specific surface area, there is a strong adsorption capacity. Water through the bed of carbon, organic pollutants in water by activated carbon adsorption is valid. In addition the surface of amorphous part of some oxygen-control group, by carbon bed of organic pollutants in water by activated carbon adsorption is valid.

Activated carbon filter is a commonly used water treatment equipment, water desalination systems pretreatment can effectively guarantee that the latter stages of life of equipment, improving water quality, prevention of pollution, especially after reverse osmosis membranes, ion-exchange resin over free oxygen toxicity, such as pollution. Main factors influencing the adsorption effect and service life of the carbon filter: type and concentration of contaminants, air filter material retention time, the temperature and humidity of air.

Practical options, according to the type, concentration and processing of pollutants, such as air conditions, determine the type of filter and activated carbon. Downstream of the activated carbon filter and dust filter should have a good, its efficiency standard not lower than F7. Upstream filter to prevent dust from clogging activated carbon materials downstream filters stop the activated charcoal dust itself.