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Activated carbon industry and applications

Activated carbon industry and applications

Application fields
Activated carbon and solutions

Water purification processing
Pure water, semiconductor/electronics, water-purifiers, tap water, municipal sewage, power plant boiler water, water and wastewater
The company relies on active all the years of practice in the field, water purification technology offers a broad range of solutions, rapid, effective, economical organic pollutant removal and microorganisms.

Water source
Tap water purification, odor control.

Sewage treatment
Industrial wastewater and municipal sewage, reducing organic, color, smell, toxicity.

Empty gas suction attach/net the Industrial gases/ waste gas treatment
Chemical raw materials/chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industry, drink with carbon dioxide gas, gas and hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, hydrogen, ozone, b hydrocarbon, butane gas, etc, the purification and inert gas purification of exhaust atoms facilities, mercury, besides, also used as organic waste gas mixture of purification.
The company relies on active for all practical technology, can provide reliable industrial gas handling solutions.

A mask
Antivirus/protection supplies disinfection filtration, etc.

Garbage incineration
Air pollution control, removing of mercury, the dioxin.
The company can provide all the activated carbon removal of mercury, the dioxin you choose the activated carbon, and can meet the requirements of all emissions.

Catalytic gas protection
Protection for gas processing (such as natural gas, acetylene, ethylene oxide and ethylene oxide) - not poisoning and protection of the catalyst were not equipment.
The company can provide various nations activated carbon catalyst for protection.

Gasoline evaporation recovery
The petrol station and oil conveying process of evaporation of petrol vapour recycle.
The company can provide reliable all active gasoline evaporation recovery technology.

A family to decorate, the air pollution control. Refrigerators
The company can provide all the activated carbon removal indoor air pollution and take stink organic pollutants.

Take off color/pure  making /back collect
Vitamin C, nucleic acid injection, antibiotics, hormone and other API decoloring agents, and various kinds of injection bleaching, refined and remove the "(Pyrogen).
The company can provide all active trusted pharmaceutical raw materials of decolour refined, etc.

Sugar, sweet flavor, sorbitol, mannitol, sucrose, fructose, xylose decoloring purification.
The company can provide all active chemical/oil/food/beverage industry provides a complete set of carbon product service,

Companies in the refining process such as decoloring have very mature technical support.


/ amino acid
Bleaching/purification/removal organic solvent recovery,.

Besides water (THMs), color, material, chlorine, amine, synthetic organic compounds (SOCs), etc.

Can effectively remove the substance and liquor turbidity caused by different taste.

Gold extraction
Gold extraction method of all-sliming cyanidation-zinc and other precious metals extraction, etc.