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Activated carbon function \ price \ classification (wood based activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, shell activated carbon, coal based activated carbon)

activated carbon classification and role:

★ wood based activated carbon

Wood activated carbon is a high-quality wood as raw material, shape for the powder, column, granular. With high temperature carbonization, granulation, activation and a variety of processes to refine wood activated carbon. With the progress of technology, the use of non-bonded activated carbon activated technology, made of wood columnar activated carbon, wood granular activated carbon does not contain binder ingredients. Effectively prevent the carbon hole plug, give full play to the rich adsorption of carbon pore function. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, high activity, low ash content, developed mesopore, strong decolorization and large pore structure. The pore structure is large, and it can have various substances and impurities such as the color of the liquid. And gradually replace the coal columnar activated carbon for organic solvent recovery, air purification, oil and gas recovery, organic waste gas treatment, protection, gas desulfurization deodorization, catalyst and carrier and other fields, the traditional wood powder activated carbon use of food, alcohol, oil, , Dyes, chemicals, water purification, sewage treatment, COD, medicinal activated carbon and other uses decolorization.


★ coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon is the best quality in the shell of a kind of imported high-quality coconut shell as raw material produced by the steam method of amorphous particles of carbon, the shape of amorphous particles or columnar, with high mechanical strength, developed pore structure , Large specific surface area , fast adsorption, high adsorption capacity, easy to regenerate, durable and so on. Mainly used for catalyst and carrier, cyanide gold gold deposit, chemical analysis of carbon and used as halogenation, oxidation, hydrogenation polymerization, decomposition, isomer compounds and other chemical synthesis of the catalyst carrier, and drinking water purification, monosodium glutamate industrial solution , Food, beverages, alcohol, air purification activated carbon and high purity drinking water deodorization, removal of heavy metals in water, chlorine and liquid decolorization. And can be widely used in the chemical industry, solvent recovery and gas separation.

★ Fruit shell activated carbon

Nutshell activated carbon mainly use the shell (common coconut shell, apricot shell, walnut shell, olive shell, etc.) as raw materials, by carbonization, activation, refined from processing. The strength of the activated carbon is high, the particle size is uniform, the pore structure is developed and the adsorption performance is low. And can effectively adsorb the water in the free chlorine, phenol, sulfur, oil, gum, pesticide residues and other organic pollution and organic solvent recovery. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, sugar, beverage, alcohol purification industry, the organic solvent decolorization, refining, purification and sewage treatment, and coconut shell carbon than the quality of coconut shell charcoal, but the price is low.

★ coal activated carbon

Coal based activated carbon using high-quality coal as raw materials, refined with advanced technology equipment after carbonization → cooling → activation → washing and a series of processes developed from. Shape sub-particles, columnar, powder and so on. With low price, high strength, high adsorption, and other significant features but the impurities made of high performance activated carbon, the appearance of the general black cylindrical activated carbon, amorphous coal particles activated carbon, also known as broken carbon. Cylindrical activated carbon, also known as cylindrical carbon, generally by the powdery raw materials and binder by the kneading, extrusion and then by carbonization, activation and other processes made. It can also be extruded with powdered activated carbon and binder. Mainly used for water purification, air purification, toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, protection, gas desulfurization deodorization, solvent recovery and other fields.

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