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wood,coal,nut shell are used as raw material. 
Powdered Crushed, granular, and pellet (cylindrical) shapes are available for any requirement.



Activated carbon and solution

Water   Treatment

Water purification  

pure Water, semiconductor / electronics, water purifiers, tap water, municipal sewage, power plant boiler water, groundwater, wastewater

Tongke  supply effective,economic settlement for water treatment with many years experience .We can supply activated carbon to remove organic matter and microorganism in water treatment  

Potable  water treatment

 Removal of musty smell in tap water, COD compounds, and THM

Removal of ABS in water, , odor removal.

Wastewater treatment

COD removal and decolorization of waste water

 removal of organic matter, color, odor, toxicity for industrial waste, municipal sewage

 Tertiary treatment of sewage water and waste water from industrial use

 Air Purification

Industrial Gases/

Gas treatment

Purification chemical material / chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industrial gases, beverages with carbon dioxide gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, ozone, ethylene, butane, cracked gas, inert gas.

atomic facilities exhaust purification

Removal of organic matter, mercury.

For gas separation purification,

We can supply reliable industrial  gas treatment settlement with many years experience.


Gas masks

Antivirus / protective equipment sterilization filtration.

Waste Incineration

Air pollution control, removal of mercury, dioxins.

 We choose suitable  activated carbon for you to meet  emission standard for removal of Mercury and Dioxin  


Catalytic gas protection

Protection for gas processing (such as natural gas, acetylene, ethane - propane and ethylene oxide catalyst is not poisoned, and protective equipment against corrosion.

We can supply many different activated carbon for catalytic gas protection

Desulfurization gas use

· Removal of sulfurous acid gas and hydrogen sulphide in exhaust gas

· Removal of odor gas generated in public waste disposal facilities

Separation and removal of ozone

Activated carbon can be used for physical adsorption and chemisorption, e.g., as an oxidation catalyst. Effective for both high and low concentrations.

Gasoline evaporation recovery

Petrol stations and storage tanks zone transfer process in the evaporation of gasoline vapor recovery.

Tongke supply reliable technical support for gasoline evaporation recovery


Home decoration air pollution remediation, cupboard or refrigerator odor removal  and so on.


Supply activated carbon for odor removal in home

Decoloration /


Solvent Recovery



Vitamin C, decolorization nucleic acid injections, antibiotics, hormones and other pharmaceutical raw materials, and various injectable pharmaceutical bleaching, refining and removing pyrogenic "(Pyrogen).

We can supply technical support for pharmaceutical raw material decolourazation and refined

 sugar processing

decolorization and purification for sugar, monosodium glutamate,sweeteners, sorbitol, mannitol, sucrose, fructose, xylose

Tongke supply series technical supply for Chemical,oil,food,beverage industry, we have rich experience in decoloration and refined

Decolorization and purification of industrial chemicals, intermediates or F&B products.

Decolorization of cleaning solvent


Chemical / oil / reagent

/ Amino acids

Decolorization and purification / removal of organic matter

 solvent recovery

Beverages / Food

Decolorization in beverages and  food industry,

Removal organic matter  in the water like (THMs), color, chlorine, chlorine, amine, synthetic organic compounds (SOCs) and so on


Can effectively remove the material and turbidity caused by liquor different savor

Gold refining

CIP method to extract gold and other precious metals.