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Customized Activated Carbon Filter Bag Odor Removal

Product Description Non-woven Activated Carbon Filter Bag Odor Removal Activated Carbon Filter Bag Features: 100% coconut shell based activated carbon Net weight:50g/bag

Detailed description

Product Description 

Non-woven Activated Carbon Filter Bag Odor Removal 

Activated Carbon Filter Bag Features: 

100% coconut shell based activated carbon

Net weight:50g/bag

Packing material:non woven cloth


Customized according to customer demand

Activated Carbon Filter Bag /Non-woven carbon bag photo :

Product details 

 Efficient air purification activated carbon, It has function for detoxification, deodorant, anti-mildew, sterilization and so on. Xiamen Tongke activated carbon is a green product, it use high absorption of activated carbon as the carrier, through high-tech deep processing of refined, can be a large number of adsorption in the air of toxic gases (formaldehyde, benzene and its homologues, carbon monoxide, ammonia, chlorine, VOC, sulfur dioxide, etc.), smoke, odor, etc., can effectively purify air, eliminate pollution, effectively regulate the indoor humidity, safeguard human health, landscaping space.

Activated Carbon Filter Bag Application:
1, bedroom, furniture: the effective absorption of new clothes and new bedroom furniture purchase formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia and other poisonous gases and radon, quickly eliminate odor decoration, space uniformly regulate humidity.
2, Washroom: deodorize, purify air, eliminate pollution.
3, wardrobe, bookcase: to taste, dehumidification, mold borers.
4, shoe, shoes: deodorant, dehumidification, sterilization.
5, refrigerator: deodorization, sterilization, and preservation.
6, floor : to taste dehumidification, mold pest.
7, fish tank, swimming pool: water purification, eliminate odors.
8, car: adsorption of harmful gases inside the car, to smell, smoke.
9, office, hotel and entertainment venues such as: absorption of harmful gases, clean space.

With four main professional factory bases located in different place of China, TONGKE is one of the largest and leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality customized activated carbon filter bag odor removal, which is sold at an affordable price.

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