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High Surface Area Activated Carbon Fiber Felt Filter Media

High Surface Area Activated Carbon Fiber Felt Filter Media

Product Description Large surface area activated carbon fiber feltActivated carbon fiber felt is made from natural or man-made fibers at high temperature

Detailed description

Product Description
 Large surface area activated carbon fiber felt

Activated carbon fiber felt is made from natural or man-made fibers at high temperature, and other special catalytic process is made beyond the efficient absorption of granular activated carbon material containing a highly developed pore structure, large specific surface area, high adsorption-desorption capacity, suck desorption speed, purifying effect. In simple conditions, fully desorption characteristics.
 It can be used to make air filter, air filter can absorb O3, SO2, NO2 and odor, gas, smoke and other harmful gases, can be used for room, kitchen utensils and other polluted indoor air purification.

Performance of activated carbon fiber felt:
 1. The adsorption capacity for organic gas adsorption ability is higher than granular activated carbon (GAC) several times. Aqueous solution of inorganic dyes, organic compounds and noble metal ions adsorbed 5-6 times higher than the GAC. Micro-organisms and bacteria have excellent adsorption capacity, adsorption capacity of the low concentration absorption particularly good quality, such as PPM level adsorbate remains high adsorption capacity, while the GAC and other adsorbent materials are often adsorption capacity at low concentrations greatly reduced.
 2. The adsorption speed
 Very fast gas adsorption, the adsorption of liquid can also be quickly reached equilibrium, the adsorption rate than GAC 2-3 orders of magnitude higher.
 3. The regeneration of activated carbon fiber felt easy, desorption speed. The processing ACF10-30 minutes 120-150 ℃ hot air can be completely desorbed.
 ④ good heat resistance, high temperature above 1000 ℃ in an inert gas, in air ignition point of more than 500 ℃.
 ⑤ acid, alkali, with good electrical properties and chemical stability.

 1. Solvent recovery: for benzene, ketones, esters, petroleum can adsorption recovery;
 2. Air purification: the air filter can absorb the gas, gas (SO2, NO2, O3, NH3, etc.), odor, body odor and other harmful gases;
 3. Water purification: can the removal of heavy metals, carcinogens, odors, musty, bacteria and bleaching, widely used in drinking water, food, water and medicine electronic industrial water treatment;
 4. Environmental Engineering: exhaust gas and waste water treatment:
 5. protective masks, anti-virus anti-chemical warfare equipment, cigarette filters, indoor air purification;
 6. The adsorption of radioactive material, catalyst supports, precious metals refining and recycling;
 7. Medical Bandage, acute antidote, an artificial kidney;
 8. The electrode, heating element, electronic and energy applications (high-capacity capacitors, batteries, etc.)
 9. corrosion, high temperature and insulation materials.

Activated carbon fiber felt Features:
 1, the specific surface area 800-1600m2 / g, has a wealth of adsorption micropore neatly arranged (about 80% of the pore volume of the total pore volume)
 2, rich in organic functional groups, with good redox properties of the gas and liquid phases of organic substances and inorganic impurities have excellent adsorption. Desorption regeneration and has a good performance, can be reused.
 3, high-strength, low consumption, good filling, wrapping device performance and adaptability. It does not produce excessive loading and compacting loose under vibration phenomena.
 4, with acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance and good electrical conductivity.
 Popular and hot sale activated carbon fiber felt
 Thickness: 1mm (weight 70 ± 10g / m2), 2mm (weight 150 ± 10g / m2), 3mm (weight 200 ± 20g / m2), 3-4mm (weight 250 ± 20g / m2), 4- 5mm (weight 350 ± 20g / m2)

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